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thank yeezus?

Is that the idea here?
Because I'm not sure that the swagger you display is as new as it once was.

Good work though. Nice to expand your palette. Your raps are in your voice these days. We're happy you found it. We're happy you're happy and finding a place for your particular box of crayons. But you aren't breaking through new walls here. You're just giving us good, solid beats, rhymes and life. Keep going. Keep recording. Keep building. Keep putting down who and what you are. But it is never the first time we've heard anything like it before because you're in each of them. You're part of it.  We've already heard you declare yourself a king.

Keep going, keep building.  Keep going.  What do you have in you?  Time tells.  Ask David Bowie.

Ask the Rolling Stones.  Ask Ask ask.  You'll never know know know what the trip is like for you until it's too late to tell anyone.  Ask BB King.  He'll sing each moment of it for you though.  Somehow.

What a trip you're on.  What a mind twist.  What a tweak but a confirmation.  I wonder what happens when you type the way I type.  The way I write.  How much of you is straight and how much of you is indirect?  How much is the word as it is the world in your head, and how much is the translation in art?  How much imagination.  How much desire.  How much energy.

By our escape velocity they will remember having known us.

You know there's no exit before the exit, right?

In part because I can't imagine your real life,
I'll just see you on the astral plane.

You don't have to do it for us, yeez.
You can always do it for you, Mr. West.

You're officially interesting enough that you never need pander.  Just keep following the dream.

But this album isn't as big a deal as it sounds itself to be.  *Damn* fine though.


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"He's just this guy, you know?"