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does a memory exist

if you (can't think)/(aren't thinking) about it?

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"read instruction before use"




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even in jersey city

the birds don't let me sleep too late.

I'm not sure where they stay most of the time, or even where they sit now. But they're there. Filling the air with chatter. Mindful or brainless makes no matter. It makes me rise and smile.

Some days I feel like my "Auntie Barbara" who I hardly remember. Why? Well, she had this odd habit of getting up early and singing "What a beautiful MOrning / What a beautiful day."

I always thought her insufferable.
Who could argue in light of the birds?

The birds are everywhere. No matter where I'm traveling, or where I wake, the birds are there. If I listen closely while I sleep, there is no other sound like them. I wake when they wake when the earth rotates.

Maybe they're the ones who twist it, those birds. Sheer force of bird-brained will and desire. Push. Push. Pull, Flap. Turn turn, Turn the Blue-Green Ball. Maybe that's all the chirps mean.

Must be time for me to help.

Up again feet, legs, hips.
Up again hands, arms shoulders.
Up again Up again body and head.

Turn and Turn the globe.

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torn and frayed

below is the revived pod, with limited memory capacity.

(Many thanks due to Scrappy for a ton of this, and #1 Hawaii Ultimate Fan for a smaller amount of it. Also to the usual suspects for the rest.)

A Tribe Called Quest-- Low End Theory
A Tribe Called Quest-- Midnight Marauders
Blackalicious-- Blazing Arrow
Blackalicious-- Nia
Blu & Exile-- Below the heavens
Bruce Springsteen-- Born to Run
Calexico/Iron & Wine-- In the Reins
Coltrane-- Afro-Blue Impressions
Creedence-- Chronicles, Vol 1
Curtis Mayfield-- Roots
David Cross-- It's Not Funny
David Cross-- Shut up You Fucking Baby
dj BC and the Beatles-- The Beastles
DJ Krush-- Krush
DJ Logic-- 02/02/07: Live at the Knitting Factory
Freddie Hubbard-- The Night of the Cookers
Gang Starr-- Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr
Gillespie y Machito-- Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods
Heiruspecs-- A Tiger Dancing
Herbie Hancock-- Head Hunters
Herbie Hancock-- VSOP- The Quintet
Iron & Wine-- Our Endless Numbered Days
Iron & Wine-- The Shepherd's Dog
Iron & Wine-- Woman King
JGB-- After Midnight (2/28/80)
Jimmy Smith-- Root Down
JJ Cale-- Naturally
John Fogerty-- Long Road home
John Lee Hooker-- Live at the Café Au Go-Go and Soledad Prison
John McLaughlin-- Extrapolation
John Scofield-- This Meets That
Kanye-- Graduation
Kings of Leon-- Because of the Times
k-os-- Atlantis: Hyms for Disco
Leo Kottke-- Leo Kottke Anthology
Maceo Parker-- Life on Planet Groove
Makana-- Kiho'alu
Makana-- Koi Au
Makana-- Makana
Maps-- We Can Create
Marvin Gaye-- What's Going On
Miles Davis-- Birth of the Cool
Monk/Trane-- At Carnegie Hall
Morcheeba-- Charango
Morcheeba-- Who Can You Trust?
Okkervil River-- Stage Names
Oscar Peterson Trio-- Night Train
Oscar Peterson Trio+1 Clark Terry-- Oscar Peterson Trio+1 Clark Terry
Otis Redding-- Remember Me
Ozomatli-- Ozomatli
Parliament-- Mothership Connection
Persuasions-- Comin At Ya'
Prince-- Purple Rain
Ray Charles-- Modern Sounds in Country and western
RHCP-- Stadium Arcadium
RJD2-- Since We Last Spoke
Robert Johnson-- King of the Delta Blues Singers
Rodrigo y Gabriela-- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Roy Hargrove-- Family
Royksopp-- Melody AM
ScoLoHoFo-- Oh!
Stevie Wonder-- Hotter Than July
Stones-- Exile on Main Street
Stones-- Sticky Fingers
Sublime-- Sublime
Talib-- Beautiful Mix CD (1 Song: Lonely People)
Talib-- Beautiful Struggle (1 Song: Around My Way)
Talib-- Eardrum
Talking Heads-- Little Creatures
Talking Heads-- More Songs About Buildings and Food
Talking Heads-- Naked
Talking Heads-- Speaking in Tongues
Talking Heads-- True Stories
Terence Blanchard-- Bounce
The Allman Brothers Band-- At Fillmore East
The JB's-- Funky Good Time: The Anthology
The Raconteurs-- Broken Boy Soldiers
The Velvet Underground-- Loaded
The White Stripes-- Icky Thump

To be added: Traffic. Chet Atkins. Doug Sahm. Al Green. The Wild Tchoupitoulas. More Monk. That should about take me to the limit for now. It will crash if I do much more!

Loving this mix.

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"this is the beginning

and this is how things will go

from now on."

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bpos is no more

lost to the sands of time

or, the whims of ipods
emotionally invested
in a mechanical nothing
nothing for no one
everything for everyone.

i am dependent.
dependent on music.

like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze.

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why give me a nap in kindergarten

and let me out of school at 3pm until college

and let me decide my own schedule during college

only to ask me to work from 9-6?

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we need more money

let's manipulate trust

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I can feel the difference

between eating well and eating poorly

full - stuffed
thirsty - parched
sustained energy - peaks and valleys
satisfied - wanting more
normal - inflamed

It is the penultimate that confuses me so much. When I eat more bad food, I want more bad food. When I eat less bad food and I want less bad food.

It is the last that lets me know which is good for me and which is not. I can feel the inflammation in my joints. In my hands. My skin feels stretched. I feel a warmth in my body that isn't quite right. It seems to buzz with anticipation of something. Likely more sugar.

It is as though there is space all through my body. When I eat poorly, that space is filled and stretched and I am stuffed. My attention is drawn to the space. When I eat well, sure there is some space inside of me, but I am not stretched and I am not stuffed. My attention is drawn from the space. I just am.

It is a strange thing, food. I hope to have a better relationship with it yet.

It is also interesting to note how my eating habits relate to how I feel.

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can i have a thought

which i don't understand?

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"Born on the Bayou"

by Fogerty

and "The Harder They Come" by The Jerry Garcia Band (02/28/80)

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"Slow Down"

by Morcheeba and

"Bring on the Night" by The Police

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There is no _______ here

Everything, save that, is nothing.

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Paired Thought that Entered My Head a While Back

Buddha does not determine Buddha nature.

Buddha does determine non-Buddha nature.

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by The Pharcyde

and "Born on the Bayou." Yup. Creedence.

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"Mothership Connection (Star Child)"

by Parliament

and "Torn and Frayed" by the Stones.

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"1973" by James Blunt


"Box of Rain" by The Grateful Dead

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A Yoda Variation

"try not" to give what they need to get from you.

do give what you need to give for you.

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today's challenge

opposite side

of everything.

(handedness, bags, phone ear, side of the couch, whatever else comes to mind)

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I just realized

... that the reason I know who the host of Family Feud was

(Richard Dawson) is because of a line in a Wu-Tang song whose next line is:

"Fatal Flying Guillotine chops off your fuckin' head."

I've never seen Richard Dawson. Nor Fatal Flying Guillotine. But know I like RZA's style.

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Today's Installment of the "bpos" Series

Hosted by the one and only (thank goodness) dusty rhodes

Is brought to you by our generous sponsors:

Blu & Exile's "The World Is... (Below the Heavens)"


John Fogerty's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain."

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If I had to chose immediately for me at this moment (4/1/08 9:55am):

I’ll Take Everything, James Blunt
You Don’t know what Love is (You Just Do What You’re Told), White Stripes
The World Is… (Below the Heavens), Blu & Exile
Dancin’ in the Rain, Blu & Exile
Lovin’ Cup, Rolling Stones
Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine, Dylan
John Allyn Smith Sails, Okkervil River
Desecration Smile, Chili Peppers
Sunday Morning, k-os
Rock and Roll, Velvet Underground

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I guess I'll file that under "Shit you already knew"

The White Stripes

Rock Hard.

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April Fool

"[Mist] on the water, fire in the sky?"

The dusk slowly falls, people milling, the appearance of dus(t/k) over the water... dusk to dust. Sunrise to sunset. Set. GameMatch.

These fools running their hearts out. Dying slowly as they go. Conveying pain through their faces. Not just a little pain either.... Great searing pain that makes them want to quit. Not Joy borne of experience, but a wish that their experience was over.

Take time to craft your you. Instead of taking time to craft your job to pay someone else to craft your you. Your you is all you've got, nothing more than a blank tool waiting to be (re)purposed. A nothing. Until you make it something.

Running as the sun sets is not to be taken lightly. Instead, it is Joy. A vision of perfection is some sense. Run until you can't. Sprint it out. Let the energy free. Don't hold it in and weigh it, monitoring your heart rate. Listening to the beep. Your body is not a machine. Your body is what you want it to be. Treat it like a machine, give it the same thing over and over again and see that you'll need to under go repairs. Regular Maintenance from regular stress.

Attempt irregular maintenance after irregular stress.
Let your body heal itself, when able. If you listen, it will tell you what to do.. where to grow... what challenges to seek and how to recover from them.

There is something to following your Joy. Trying to find your Joy in every moment. There is an art to it. A Craft. It is something to learn and treasure. You're on a self-selected journey of a thousand thousand thousand steps... each step a journey unto itself. No matter how you choose to spend those steps, you will still take them all. Every last one. Which direction does your Joy lead you? To which Way? To which Craft?

"Hustle hard in any Hustle that you pick"

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"He's just this guy, you know?"