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home home (2.0)

Yes, I’ll be home soon.
The day says quietly
it is almost done.

On my way,
my freedom granted again.
Mind free.
Heart free.
Soul free.
Stone Free,
to do what i please”

that is,
until I watch my freedom fly away free from me.
Like every every every morning.

And yet…

It is me who weighs the freedom down?
Me who shackles it against its will?

Prevent my freedom from being free of me
Call it back again every evening
Miss it as it tarries too far from me
Ask of it the only thing worth asking.

“Will you give yours to me
iff I give mine to you?”

And in the answer given everyday
freedom makes its pact with me.
We do our dance to pretend
that we each are happy where we are,
with what we have,
with who we are.

And then rush to the other greener pasture.
And back.
And forth.
Free to not
to Free
to not
to Free to
not too Free.

Constrained to:
be or
not be.


Anonymous said...

wow very clean and strong dusty

dusty.rhodes said...

"That's what she said!"

I swear that will NEVER get old.

wix said...

i tried to incorporate "that's what she said" into my final review presentation for studio, but the perfect opportunity never presented itself. had to opt for other ways to sass the visiting critics.


"He's just this guy, you know?"