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if i/we can imagine it

and infinity exists

is not everything reality?

All at once? Everything that has ever happened doesn't only happen today everything that has never happened happens eventually. Possibly everything that has n/ever happened has happened infinitely many times in every infinitely small moment.

Because I just postulated the imagination of it.

And if time is infinitely large and infinitely divisible and space is infinitely large and infinitely divisible and things happen which have not been imagined...

W(o/a)ndering again.


J said...

I can hold in my head an image of, let's say, 500 individual objects, and that's probably generous. All this talk about the US debt and such... those numbers mean nothing to me. I can't imagine that much money. Does that mean that infinity is around 500?

dusty.rhodes said...

Let us, for a moment, assume that "yes" is the answer.

If infinity = ~500, and there are >6 000 000 000 people in the world, there is the current capacity for 3 000 000 000 000 simultaneous human-held images of objects. Then consider that humans have held objects in their minds for a far longer period than any given instant, and that at any given instant the human-held images of objects are, to some degree, different from those that were held in any given prior moment (in some sense, even the same image held for consecutive moments is a different image since it is informed by the previous iteration of that image).


Then again, to think of it a different way, consider your 500 images as one group. Then these 500 things become one set. Then, instead of 3 000 000 000 000 simultaneous human-held images of objects, there are 6 000 000 000 sets of 500 images. Then consider all 6 000 000 000 people as a set.

Then again, we could solipsistically posit that you cannot be sure of the existence of those other 5 999 999 999 people and assume that, over the course of your life you have imagined a large number of sets of 500 images. And that each of those images can be broken down into elements (colors, shapes, relative size, etc) which, when taken together, compose that image. How many of them are there?

500, I guess.


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