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Droptop Moon

There is nothing quite like driving somewhere tropical in a very fast car with no top.

Daysun feels lovely on skull as the warm breeze leads on. The constantsun tempered by the windtunnel between ears. The profile of your idea(l)s hardened by the onslaught of the quickfastnopause acceleration at your toetips.

Permeating Helios imposes his high unrelenting arc of heat upon all. Accept this rush of power and push on for immortality in the infinitude of infinitely divisible/multiplied moments. PushPush Past Zeno's eternally shrinkingnose-leading Tortoise.

[Achilles] ain't got shit on me.

And then, the night. Moonlight through the permeable non-roof: Refreshilvernly. Contemplative reflection of immolating fire, Artemis pierces straight T hr O ugh the soul. Fear of her full glory leaves only glimmering glimpses. Easily unseen in the absence of the burning daylight, a calm consumes. The need for speed subsumed slowly by the need for beauty.

The Sea on this side. The Mountain on that. Poseidon and Gaia lit right by the moonlight. Appreciative views of muted chiaroscuro images provide relief from existence. Brightbeauty now subsumed into glowing radiantbeauty. The rainbow of [intense color]flavors washed out to study how beauty is a [gleaming] one [color]note.

Writ right by the moonlight:
Thank you beauty on and ever anon again

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