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Merriam Webster 10th Collegiate:
A term of uncertain meaning found in the Hebrew text of the Psalms and Habbakuk carried over untranslated into some English versions.

Compact OED 1981:
A Hebrew word, occurring frequently at the end of a verse in the Psalter and thrice in Hab. iii, by the LXX rendered [GREEK]; supposed to be a musical or liturgical direction of some kind, perhaps indicating pause or rest. Hence in various allusive uses (see quots.).
1530 tr. Bucer's Psalms iii. A 5, This worde Selah signifiyeth ye sentence before to be pond'red with a depe affecte, longe to be rested upon and the voyce there to be exalted. 1623 S. Ward Peace-off. (1624) 50 Record, not all and euery fauour, which is impossible, but the most memorable and thankworthy; putting a special Selah of thankes vpon them. 1826 Mrs. Browning Ess. Mind iI. 629 Then comes the Selah! and the voice is hush'd. 1872 O. W. Holmes Poet Breakf.-t iv, But you need not think I am going to tell you every time his popgun goes off, making a Selah of him whenever I want to chance the subject.
I accept no further arguments about relative value of dictionaries.

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