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Good Morning

Fellow Early Risers
I see your lights on,
  some flickering.
And now newly some
late-early risers
  still pre-sun though.
Oh, salute to the
Nightowls and the
A nickel's advice
  for free:
Move to NYC.

Us Early Risers
Help ensure birds
  ease the earth
Around again and &.
All around the world
  the truth of bird-
turning all around
  the world.
Or at least on
  the Eastern

It was two hours back
In the black when I
  awoke to think
I wasn't where I
  thought I'd be.
I was on the edge
  of the bed,
You see.  Which is
  not the comfy bit.
So I got up.
Which is hardly the
  lightest thing
To wake me.

Somehow one gets
Used to the cars
  in a city.
Or the semis
  on a "rural route"
  in Pennsylvania.
Or the birds
  in subirdia,
On the other hand(
Or in the other
  mind) the
  inside is
  the same.
  The same misconceptions,
the same quirks of evolution
the same weird biological success
the same types of insight
the same mental failings
the same digestion
the same dreams
the same scars
the same hope
the same me.
    Just a
new set of outside sounds
 to engage with
 when I'm up up
 up before dawn
 wherever I am.
 whenever I am.
 whomever I am.
 whatever I am.

Now alarms go off an lights come on in not-so-distant houses.
These folks who have the gall to think they are early-risers.
Barks issue from impatient dogs, bays from hounds.
Impatient cats make the mewlings over kneaded bread.

How Roman.

The rest of the world seems more awake.
Is this, for me, to be a good or a bad?
What is it for others? What is liberty?
What is freedom?  Are these words which
Comfort us or challenge us? What of the
Word "Security"?

Now later than quarter past six.
How the hours have past.
Now the lights alight.
How the sky becomes all.
Now the hour lights the way.
How the dawn now shapes the day.

Soon the dreaded/lauded lights can go out and instead I can use a distant ball of incredibly hot gas to keep the planet warm and light my way.  Now *that* is a pretty cool deal.  All of the rest of the mucking about we humans do is lightweight compared to this Sun and Earth thing.  Sure, we're designed for the environment in which we exist (how else could it be?  Whether we were shaped by where we existed or designed to exist where we're been placed... this remains the way it must be.) but that a stable enough environment exists to engender long-term communication over time and space through text, video, radio, wired internet, wireless everything... that is... something remarkable.

And we can't tell you what our purpose is other than that we are what we are.
Nor can an ant tell anyone its purpose.
Nor can an anteater.

And yet there are mounds of ants.
And yet there are cities of people.
And yet there are wars between peoples.
And yet there are wars between ants.

And yet we play sports and have games and feasts.
Roman is in many ways just human.

But not in all.
All feasts are not the same.
Nor all breakfasts, for that matter.

Back to reading before breakfast.
I wonder what I'm making?

I wonder what we're making?

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