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how many 7-footers do the lakers have now?

Three? Plus 2 6-10 guys who can shoot? And Energy Guy Turiaf? Plus Kobe Fisher Vujacic and Walton? This team has serious potential. And the Heat look like they're having fun now too. They can go full-tilt and score points because all 5 of the guys on the floor at any time would just as soon get the bucket as take a jumper from a set offense. Jason Williams still wants to play up-tempo and get a few highlight passes together. This could be a fun team to watch, even if they're not built to do so well over the course of a long season. If they play with confidence and have fun, they'll win their share of games and be a fun team to watch. Marion makes them that different.

But back to the Lakers, they seem to really ahve a "stockpile height" mantra. Imagine putting out a tall lineup of Bynum, Gasol, Odom and Radmanovic with Kobe running point forward? Just to give a completely impossible to match-up with look. If they can learn to work that into their offense for a couple of series per game, and then when they re-insert Fisher (he'd definitely be the starter) you get a true point guard offense, and you can run the triangle through any combination of 2 of kobe, gasol and odom on the floor. Or just Kobe if we want him to go solo for a while with the 2nd teamers before his longer break. THeir options with a full roster are just kind of embarrassing. If Phil really starts letting his vision get to the edge and letting his talent play in odd combinations through the triangle offense, this could be a scary scary team. Everyone seems to accept that Kobe is "the Man" and he doesn't feel the need to prove it as much as he can just be it. If they keep working on that level of coherence, they'll continue to rise. none of these guys will want to leave the team if they pull this off.

Good game to watch today after this with Cleveland vs Denver too!

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dusty.rhodes said...

and now kobe plays lockdown defense on dwayne wade by forcing him left to close out the half. this lakers team is scary because kobe can save himself for the big moments on D and O. the rest of ht team just has to play ball all game long and let kobe decide when to change the game. wow.


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