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April Fool

"[Mist] on the water, fire in the sky?"

The dusk slowly falls, people milling, the appearance of dus(t/k) over the water... dusk to dust. Sunrise to sunset. Set. GameMatch.

These fools running their hearts out. Dying slowly as they go. Conveying pain through their faces. Not just a little pain either.... Great searing pain that makes them want to quit. Not Joy borne of experience, but a wish that their experience was over.

Take time to craft your you. Instead of taking time to craft your job to pay someone else to craft your you. Your you is all you've got, nothing more than a blank tool waiting to be (re)purposed. A nothing. Until you make it something.

Running as the sun sets is not to be taken lightly. Instead, it is Joy. A vision of perfection is some sense. Run until you can't. Sprint it out. Let the energy free. Don't hold it in and weigh it, monitoring your heart rate. Listening to the beep. Your body is not a machine. Your body is what you want it to be. Treat it like a machine, give it the same thing over and over again and see that you'll need to under go repairs. Regular Maintenance from regular stress.

Attempt irregular maintenance after irregular stress.
Let your body heal itself, when able. If you listen, it will tell you what to do.. where to grow... what challenges to seek and how to recover from them.

There is something to following your Joy. Trying to find your Joy in every moment. There is an art to it. A Craft. It is something to learn and treasure. You're on a self-selected journey of a thousand thousand thousand steps... each step a journey unto itself. No matter how you choose to spend those steps, you will still take them all. Every last one. Which direction does your Joy lead you? To which Way? To which Craft?

"Hustle hard in any Hustle that you pick"

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