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What would I experience if I never pressed

the up or down button outside of an elevator
and just waited until it arrived on my floor?


wix said...

awkward conversation, but more importantly, weird smells. for example, silent farts by those around you, for which you would be blamed and silently judged by the next people to get on.

i mean, that's been my experience with the elevator joyride.

dusty.rhodes said...


I was thinking more about not being on the elevator, but standing outside the elevator.

Once I got on the elevator, I would press the appropriate floor... or maybe wait for someone else to go to that floor.

If I constantly wait for someone else to choose the floor for me, and to chose when an elevator will arrive, how will that feel? What will it be like? Frustrating? Challenging? Just right? Some combination? What will I notice about elevators? What will I notice about people? What will I notice about the way I relate to those situations?

A slight change in perspective.

wix said...

I suspect "silly" may be the answer to all of the above questions. Add subject and predicate as needed.

dusty.rhodes said...

I doubt that "feeling silly"'ll be anything new somehow...


"He's just this guy, you know?"