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Another Wasted Hedberg Reference

At Work Today:

"I like vending machines because snacks are better when they fall. If I buy a candy bar in a store, sometimes I will drop it so it will reach its maximum flavor potential."

perhaps I should have said

"I like Hedberg references because he is funnier than I am. If I think of something clever on my own, sometimes I will reference him so I will reach my maximum humor potential."

Yup. Conversation successfully Jerk-Stored.


wix said...

Au bureau aujourd'hui:

"J'aime bien les distributeurs automatiques parce que les encas sont mieux quand ils tombes. Si j'achete du chocolat au magasin, quelquefois je le laissera tomber afin qu'il atteindra son maximum potentiel gouteux."

Peut-etre j'aurais du dire

"J'aime bien les references Hedbergs parce qu'il est plus drole que moi. Se je trouve seul quelque chose vive, quelquefois je lui mentionnera afin que j'atteindra mon maximum potential comique.

Conversation en esprit d'escalier...

dusty.rhodes said...

Random challenge of the day:

Without going back to read the original, I will now attempt to translate what I imagine to be French, (which I cannot actually read), back into English:
At work today:

"I find the automatic distributors enchanting because they drop my food. If I have some chocolate, sometimes I will drop it before I attend to it for maximum taste potential."

perhaps I should have said

"I believe Hedberg references are good because they are more droll than I. If I think of something on my own, sometimes I will mention one before I attend to it for maximum comic potential."
Yipes! (I bet if I spent a day on this, the results could be quite entertaining)

wix said...

it was just an excuse to bring in l'esprit d'escalier, which i see you have neglected to translate: "spirit of the stairway."

now i shall translate your english back into shitty french, after which it'll be your turn again. we can continue to play this slo-o-o-ow game of bilingual telephone until the moment it gets old.

(perhaps this moment is now)

dusty.rhodes said...

Nah-- no need to translate that one-- I had already looked it up before the entry. No actual translation, just rote memorization in that situation.

"perhaps this moment is now"

There is self-contained wisdom in that tidbit.

wix said...

what if i'd said "perhaps said moment is now" which would make more grammatical/contextual sense?

i mean, what if, man?

dusty.rhodes said...

It would still carry intellectual puzzles, but not the same ones.


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