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World Cup Volume 1.

Thurs, June 12.

Folks are all talking about Klinsman. 
 As they should be
 As he wants us to be.
 But most are underestimating his intelligence.
 By that I mean that he's speaking clearly from a philosophical seat of removal.
 He's not in the game and thus far, nothing in the World Cup has happened.
 The World Cup is a different world for as long as it lasts.
 Sure it contains nations, but the nations are not at war with one another until
 The World Cup begins, and then when it is over,
 The Worlds are no longer at this type of war.

 No matter which team he would be coaching at this point, Klinsman would say that it is too early to talk about chances to win the World Cup. It is not a statement about the USMNT. It is a statement about him Klimsman and his beliefs. He would not presume to speak for his team as a whole, I think. But then again, I think. Not time for this first opening display of futbol, football, soccer, &c.
 BRA vs Croatia


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