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World Cup, Volume 9.

Thu, Jun 26

GER while not looking comfortable are still generating chances
And USA is not possessing well.

Now i'm in a bar with a ton of uneducated soccer fans... yelling and getting upset about all of the wrong things...
Happy they aren't in the stadium...

The field condition are clearly suboptimal.  Will likely be a low skipping power shot that makes the difference.

Jurgen looks dumb in his hat.  It is just rain and yer hair ain't that wonderful to begin with.

USA gets a legit shot from Zusi....  coulda been a cross... but that was a whistler of a shot.

Theroblem is that this GER attack is like a deathmarch. It is only a matter of how many miles are traveled before something terrible happens.

Bad touch Bradley has returned.

Beasley makes a great run... his best play of the tourney if you ask me.

I like these dark GER jerseys.

Aaand the GHA own goal! POR 1 GHA 0.

The slick turf is playing games with players on GER and USA. JJones was the most recent victim.

The folks who yell "terrible call" after an obviously correct call are the worst fans in the world.

Badtouch Bradley.

Half at 0's.
Half at POR 1, GHA 0.

USA seems intent on pushing forward and hoping either for brilliance or a bad bounce.  It could well happen, but GER is developing attacks and maintaining dangerous possession for longer periods.

The funny thing is that USA does not at all seem outclassed, just... not wholly coherent.

I do not like the practice of players pulling their socks up over their knees. That is ridiculous-looking.

Enter the Klose.

Great work tracking back, Gonzalez!

And, thanks in part to the insurance provided by one Christiano Ronaldo,  USA advances with GER to the knockout stage!
There were other games later that day, but I did not watch them coherently.  Too much work and too much fresh Loose Cannon IPA at the bar.

Now, I am already mentally preparing for the BRA v CHI game.  This should be a blast to watch.  However, the Suarez-less URU taking on COL later today will not likely be a great game unless URU takes the advantage and scores first by hook or by crook.

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