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World Cup Volume 3

Fri, June 13.

An Irregular Series
Mexico is attacking Cameroon. Not wure what CAM's answer will be yet. MEX seems to have the superior crowd support. CAM not tired but getting beat by through balls from second-level offensive players down the wings.

Eto'o is not as fast as he once was.

A great goal by MEX raken away. So far MEX is ending all of their possessions in shots. CAM is not completing passes in attack and seem confused as to what next to do. There go-to must then be a counter-attack, perhaps.

A couple of corner kicks for CAM.

Now a MEX player kicks a CAM player in the ribs. Foul. Appropriate, but overacted.

CAM generates a great scoring opportunity and shot with a hard run down the right flank with a cross onto the striker's foot. Miss by just a sidebar. Keeper was there too.

Now madness off of the corner in front of the MEX goal. Eto'o just sets up in front of the goal waiting for slop. Aging still effective strikers, man.

Wow, now a great MEX set piece... shoulda been a goal.

MEX still generating attacking runs which CAM must make tackles on. Thus far they have done so.

And now MEX scores on a set piece!

NOOO! Another flag! Let's see the replay! Oh wow... they might have gotten that right, technically, butnot... i mean... that's tight.

OH, that Forward Peralta has to get a foot on the ball there... a redirect, anything. MEX still looking superior, however, CAM has shown the ability to beat individual defenders in tight spaces.

MEX still talking to the refs in the rain. Man is it coming down out there.
MEX creates a two-step attack on that one-- setting up the body from an offsides position which will then be onsides when your teammate receives it.

"The keeper didn't know much about it but that didn't prevent him from saving it."

MEX finally breaks though the initial disappointment and scores a second-chance goal on a carom off of the CAM keeper.

And THAT is why you trail the play actively, waiting for a chance.


SPA v NED is looking as-advertised. A little less possession than ESP would like, nice incisive attacks for NED.

Wow a PK for that? Looked like he didn't make contact to me.
Perfect ball to get the pass there though.

And Spain is up 1-0.


Wow, RVP really made a fantastic header there from distance. A nice run and a passable ball through to him, but a fantastic header in what is normally no-man's land. Nice first half here.


And then the floods.


And like that, CHI has scored 2 on AUS in 13+ minutes.

They are attacking attacking attacking.
Like The Spurs on The Heat.
Like they're playing their younger brothers.

Not sure I'll need to keep watching this one afterall.

I mean, my father often said that 2-0 is the most dangerous lead in the game.. but these guys are playing for their countries, right?
I mean, that makes a lead more or less dangerous to hold?

wow that was a bad boot, AUS.

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