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what to do...

when a friend who owes you money says he will "pay you in blood?"


wix said...

Is that what you told Jimmy?

dusty.rhodes said...

YAY! First comment!

Anyway, no. I paid that bastard.

It's brilliant and I wish I had thought of it. Instead, some fool friend of mine told me that. Man. I'm still trying to think of a witty counter.

To this point, I've got nothing but a terrible vampire joke.

Pretty soon this is going to end up in Costanza "jerk-store" territory.

wix said...

"that bastard" could be your adoptive father someday... tread carefully!

dusty.rhodes said...

only in my dreams.

my potential adoptive father "doesn't read blogs" so he'll never find out!


"He's just this guy, you know?"