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if'n you got sumfin that needs writin' i might could do that.

Or I could pretend to be professional. I have rather acquired a taste for it.

That's part of the beauty of writing. You can write like whomever you please. Admittedly, If you're as idiosyncratic as I am when typing, it can be difficult, but whether the underlying style stays the same or changes, the words through which the reader sifts for meaning can be of any number of dialects/languages and still appropriately convey meaning.

It's so crazy to think about. The power of language. Especially the written/typed word. The complexities in language. The subordinate stories that word-choice tells. I really enjoy writing. Creating something not tangible, but... something that conveys ideas, thoughts or feelings. That stuff of life! Even if it is ever-so-subtle. Even if it is merely directional. AKA Commands. Like instead of "Look out!" I could yell "Heads up" or "Fore!" or "something more instructive."

Each conveys the same idea, although depending on the person to whom you are yelling, it may be ineffective.

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Mackey said...

It came up in my Neuroscience seminar a few weeks ago that it's been posited by some that language is an "evolutionary artifact," a byproduct of evolution that was not actually selected for. Kind of like an appendix.

Or something like that. Our prof mentioned it in passing (I forget what we were talking about--maybe some higher-level process like 'decision-making' that humans have and other animals don't--while we claim to ponder, animals simply choose) and I didn't particularly agree with the notion (neither did my prof).


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