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life the universe and everything (multiple choice):

If there is an end of current scientific knowledge, what lies past that point?

a) more scientific knowledge
b) god*
c) i don't know

a = atheist
b = religious/spiritual
c = (duh-- the answer key is in the answer here)

What happens as the boundary of scientific knowledge moves to include more?

a) past that point is still more knowledge
b) past that point is still the realm of god
c) i don't know

*-I use god here as a proxy for all types of spiritual belief. Not to denigrate those without gods, per se. Nor to lump all gods in as equal. But more that the word "god" seems to encapsulate all that is completely past our notion of existence or our scientific understanding of the world. Somewhere. So, don't take offense. Or do. It's your choice really. God is in the details, after all. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into what the author intended. If you're into that. Which I'm not. Usually. But blogs are weird. Very weird.

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